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Information Poverty

I’m back! After eighteen months cold turkey from online shopping I feel it might be safe to come back online.

The main impetus for my return was the feeling the world was passing me by. Ridiculous things like Twitter and Susan Boyle on YouTube assumed epic status in my mind because I didn’t have access to them. I almost missed out on Dr Horrible’s sing along blog and, do you have any idea how hard it is to get hold of a bus timetable?

I love the Interweb, with a passion that is dark and nasty, but we have to be aware of the issue of information poverty. Think of the poor little old ladies left to drift in an information vacuum. And consider the huge gap in knowledge that would result from the loss of power or corruption of data. Fantabulous as the Net is it shouldn’t be the only way for organisations to disseminate information.

Having said that, it is great to be back! Lovely, lovely Interweb.


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