I hate Tuesdays. The worst day of the week by far. I’ve never had a problem with Monday, Wednesday is “hump day”, Thursday is almost Friday and Friday is…well, Friday (the weekend goes without saying). But Tuesday! The weekend euphoria has faded while any excesses have caught up with you. Meanwhile, you’re days away from the subsequent weekend. Tuesday is a weak excuse for a day, indeed

This Tuesday, today, has been worse than most.

I slept in this morning. Really slept in. I didn’t wake up till after 9a.m! I phoned work to apologise then started getting ready. I was moving in slow motion and took over and hour to get together and out the door. I got to the bus stop in time to discover I’d just missed two buses and there wouldn’t be another for 30 mins or more. I decided to get a taxi and try to catch a train into town (20mins on the train vs. 1hour on the bus).

Seemed like a good idea, especially when I got a lovely, friendly, chatty driver. However, when we got to the station I couldn’t find my purse. And not the usual, “Oh no! I’ve lost my purse…where is it?… Oh there it is”. It really wasn’t there. So, back home we went, me alternately searching my bag, apologising to the driver and phoning work.

It was a sign.

This is one Tuesday that has defeated me. Once I was home (having found my purse on the floor and paid the nice driver) I decided it might be safer to stay put. Bit of a waste of a holiday-day but if the universe says stay, I stay.

Tyr (aka Tiw)

Tuesday is named after the Norse God Tyr (or Tiw). He was the god of war (equivalent to Mars) and may once have been leader of the Norse Gods until being superseded by Odin and Thor. Perhaps that is why his day is so evil. He’s an angry and bitter old God trying to make everyone (or at least me) as miserable as he is.

Is it Friday yet?


1 thought on “Tuesday”

  1. I liked this post.. heh.. I'm so gonna go look up the other days of the weeks and see what they're named after! Hrm.. I knew I should'a read those Greek mythology books I had (but lost) haha!


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