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The circus is in town. It looks familiar. I think it’s the one that pitched up at my campsite in Penzance once. That was a surprise. I’d camped up in a nice but slightly dull site just outside the town. Off I went for a day of rambling round the clifftops and returned to find half the site taken up with a big top, dancing horses and acrobats!

Needless to say, I was overjoyed. The circus had run away to join me! However, the lovely circus folk felt we, their fellow campers, might be disturbed by the noise, what with the hundreds of visitors and all. So, they offered us all free tickets to a show of our choosing. It was great. Everyone in the camp, previously strangers, bonded over the experience. We chose to go as a group and had a tip-top time. Afterwards there was chatting, laughing and mead-drinking round the campfire.

Watching the circus was pretty fun too.


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