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Birthday wish

I’ve often read of travellers, ramblers and assorted adventurers pitching up in far-flung towns, calling at the local post office and collecting armfuls of mail. All this thanks to a wonderful service called poste restante (or lista de correos in Spain). I’ve read these things longingly but have never, as yet, partaken of such gifts myself. You see travel plans, to me, are living things, fluid and sinuous… the point is: I never know where I’m going to be, when or for how long.

stjamesshellBut not this time! The whole point of this trip is to arrive in Santiago de Compostela in time for St James’ day, the 25th of July, my birthday! I cannot describe how much joy it would give me to be able to arrive in Santiago and find some post waiting for me there. So, maybe you’d like to send me a card or better still, a letter? You’d make a little woman very, very happy.

Chances are I’ve already sent you an email – check your inbox!

On a related issue: Traditionally, Pilgrims to Santiago carry three things: a staff; a gourd; and a scallop shell. I have the first two (a telescopic walking pole and a Sigg water bottle) but have yet to find my scallop shell. A fellow pilgrim suggested I make my need known and perhaps the shell would come to me. Hey, I know but I’m a Pilgrim now. So, should you come across a scallop shell as you go about your business, please, keep me in mind!

Thanks and peace be upon you.

Pequeño Peregrina


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