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Camino – Barcelos


This is the view from my hotel balcony. Not bad, eh? You may be able to make out a tiny kitten in the foreground. I have a cat family for neighbours.

Speaking of kittens, I wonder how my Punkycat is getting on. And whether Mutley has seen her when she goes to visit. Punkycat is a genius at hiding.

I had a gorgeous walk this morning. Woke before dawn and spent the first hour or so hiking between mist-clad vineyards. This is just what I hoped the Camino would be. Just me, walking the landscape.

I have a long day tomorrow but then I’m planning a rest day.

I see the first Portuguese case of swine flu (or schwine gripe as, I am told, the Germans say) has been announced. Dolly Biscuit will be pleased. This will confirm her theory of me as an international super-fiend who travels the world spreading disease and pestilence. It was a coincidence that bird flu arrived in the uk when I returned from China… honest.

Pequeño Peregrina


1 thought on “Camino – Barcelos”

  1. It's true – you planned this walk purely to be able to spread disease and mayhem.
    Mind you, it's good to have a hobby.



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