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Camino – Valença do Minho


This is my last Portugues Albergue on my last night in Portugal. Tomorrow I cross the Rio Minho into Spain.

Things I’ll miss about Portugal:

  • The multitude of tiny fields where families seem to grow their own maize, vines and fruit trees
  • The funny short legged, long bodied dogs and the tiny, delicate (and almost exclusively blonde) cats
  • The fabulous environmental consciousness, with windmills on the hilltops and recycling bins round every corner, even in small hamlets
  • Most of all, I’ll miss the timeless little villages with their cobbled streets and red tiled roofs. Some of them well kept, some ramshackle, all full of friendly people watching over wandering peregrinas and pointing out the Way

Adeus Portugal!

Pequeño Peregrina


1 thought on “Camino – Valença do Minho”

  1. Hey sis… glad you are having such a good time, i wish i could be as free as a bird sometimes and just dissapear off into the wide world for some exploration…Hope you get my birthday card on time- Thanks for the update and enjoy the rest of the trip…well done


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