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Camino – Cabaleiros


Only 89kms until I reach Santiago de Compostela! I can hardly believe it but I’ve checked the numbers several times.

This picture illustrates the moment when I knew I had less than 100km to go. At that point I almost gave up for the day. It had been a long hard slog to get there, walking on a hard surface among industrial buildings. Just then, one of my Camino Buddies came by in company with some other peregrinos. “Don’t stop here Honey. This place is too ugly. Come with us!”, they cried. I could not argue. Porriño is a monstrous place – all concrete and factories – so I went. I walked 25.6km today, which I could not have done on my own. It was good to have some pacemakers for a change.

I’ve made a number of Camino Buddies along the Way. They are:

  • Katya – Swiss/Brazilian
  • Claire – French
  • Axel & Suzanna – German
  • Marco – Brazilian
  • Anna & Flavio – Slovenian & Ecuadorian

We’re all walking at different paces, staying behind or moving on. Katya, Axel & Suzanna went on when I rested in Ponte de Lima, Claire disappeared for a while but turned up again at Rubiães, the others I’ve met along the Way. Perhaps I’ll make other buddies before Santiago.  I doubt any of these relationships will turn into lasting friendships but it’s great to see familiar faces at the end of a day’s walking.

We peregrinos are like a gigantic tribe of nomads, moving across Europe. We follow the trails that lie like a spider’s web over the landscape. All travelling for different reasons but with one destination:

Santiago de Compostela.

Pequeño Peregrina


1 thought on “Camino – Cabaleiros”

  1. Wow – What would travelers do without the kindness of strangers and fellow travelers. Just remember when you feel tired there are waves of support coming to you from Istanbul too.


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