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Camino – Pontevedra


Today’s walk was through the nicest landscape I’ve seen since crossing the Rio Minho. There still isn’t the lush verdancy of the Portuguese plant-life but it’s a great improvement on the almost-grey greenery of the previous two days.

This afternoon in the Pontevedra albergue, 56 peregrinos – I was number 30 – were efficiently processed and showed to their bunks by two bustling old gentleman. One had been to Scotland and saw a cafe in St Andrews named ‘Camino’! He asked for my email addy to ‘send me the information’. I’m rather disappointed that he left before I had a chance to do so.

The spa town of Caldas de Reis tomorrow and a whole room all to myself. Ah! The luxuriant decadence!

Pequeño Peregrina

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