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Camino – Santiago de Compostela – the end…


I made it!

Here I sit, in front of the cathedral, listening to heavenly music, and trying to think what this Camino has meant to me. I walked around 200 kilometres to get here. I’ve suffered sun, rain and sleepless nights. I’ve experienced the selfishness and superficiality of some people and the wonderful kindness, sweetness and wisdom of others. I’ve felt my body grow stronger every day and gloried in the aches and small sufferings which told me – irrefutably – that I am alive!

The Camino has brought me through the hills and valleys of two countries. I’ve met, and befriended, people from many more. From Europe and from further afield. Some have told me their stories. Some have listened to mine.

It had always been about the journey for me. About the walk. I feel any long distance walk is a spiritual journey as well as a physical one. But I think Claire was right – the Camino is different.

It’s something about the history. The path that links me, as a peregrina, was thousands of others over hundreds of years. And it’s this place, Santiago de Compostela itself. I went to the cathedral and performed the rituals and I felt …something. A calmness. A connection.

So, that’s it. In a few days I’ll be back in my life. The life I’ve missed every day I’ve been on the road. Back among people who have missed me and thought of me while I was away. People I love.

I look forward, desperately, to being safe and warm at home again but, when I’m there, I know I’ll miss the Camino.

Pequeño Peregrina
Santiago de Compostela

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