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Coming home



I’ve been having great day. After breakfast I attended mass at the cathedral. I sat through nearly 2 hours but it was worth it when they swung the Botafumeiro – a gigantic incense burner – in a most exciting fashion. They really got it moving – hurtling from one side of the church to the other! It took about 5 men to control the thing and I could hear the huge rope creaking and complaining as it swung. It was most exhilarating. After, I had lunch with some Camino Buddies and now I’m heading home.

I had no difficulty getting to the airport but it seems the same cannot be said of my plane! It’s delayed.

I only have 1 hour 20 between flights so I’m rather worried. Although… It could mean a night in Palma de Mallorca…hmmm?

Pequeño Peregrina
In transit…

Book of the trip:
Histories by Herodotus


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