travel tales

Back to reality

What a day! My clock, unbeknownst to me, was still on Spanish time. I have, therefore, been at work since 7.50am and must have woken up at 5.20!

Happily my lovely boss allowed me to leave early this afternoon.

The day was otherwise pretty great though. Everyone was asking “How was your trip?” and “Did you get my card/letter?“. It was brilliant!

Now however, I am supremely happy to be heading home. Some scran, a bit of a play with Punkycat and then to bed I think.

Night night.

Pequeño Peregrina

1 thought on “Back to reality”

  1. So glad you are home. Hope to hear more about your trip. Sorry i never send a card the time just slipped away. Have I enjoyed following trip vicariously. Thanks


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