Today is Lughnasadh or Lammas, the harvest festival. Traditionally, farmers would begin bringing in their crops on this day. I’m feeling a little sad this year because it seems that we’ve reached the beginning of the end of summer.

Bleakest news of all, Lammas-tide marks the start of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as well.

During the hellish month of August my beautiful city is over-run with tourists, jugglers and thespians. I work right in the centre of town where these irksome hordes render even the briefest of sallies outdoors impossible. Well, not impossible. Just very, very, very irritating.

August is a month for huddling inside, lunching on sandwiches-brought-from-home and biding our time until September arrives.

Roll on autumn.


2 thoughts on “Lughnasadh”

  1. haha I know what you mean, in our town every few years there's a massive cattle industry thing, farmers come far and wide and swamp the city.. driving anywhere is a pain because of the added traffic of wide brim hat wearing drivers who insist on going 20-40 under the speed limits. haha!!


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