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St Andrews

Yesterday I visited the Kingdom of Fife.

St Andrews is a pretty little town and the weather has been glorious. The picture shows the ruined cathedral which, I have been informed, once rivalled Santiago de Compostela in size and holiness.

I had a lovely pre-breakfast walk down through the ‘old course’ and along the sand dunes. As I said, the weather was gorgeous.

Later, I found a copy of ‘Walden‘ by Henry David Thoreau in a tiny old bookshop. I’ve just finished reading a library copy and I’m thrilled to now have one of my own. What a book! I’ve been singing its praises to anyone who’ll listen. Thoreau was writing in around 1845 but his message is more pertinent today than ever:

greed and rampant consumerism are damaging and unsustainable. Home-grown, home-made and local is the way to go. Live simply and sustainably, buying no more than you need.

He must have been a great and inspirational man. I wish I could have met him.


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