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Outwith the hellish month of August I embrace visitors to my city – almost literally. Whenever I see someone, map in hand, trying to pinpoint their own location or that of their intended destination, I feel compelled to stop and give assistance. Occasionally they treat my offer with suspicion but most often they are keen for help and I’m rewarded with grateful, happy smiles.

That’s why I do it really. When I started I had a slight sense of Karma – I help this person and someone might help me when I need it – but now it’s just for the fun of it. We have a jolly time, pouring over the maps and laughing about this and that. Then, I set them on their path and leave. I feel like a reverse Dick Turpin.

It pleases me to think this might form part of a happy memory when they remember their visit to sunny Edinburgh.


2 thoughts on “Tourists”

  1. A habit you have passed on to me – in one day during the Festival I gave 3 people directions, and another pair instructions on what bus to take.
    I like doing it!



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