Outwith the hellish month of August I embrace visitors to my city – almost literally.

Whenever I see someone, map in hand – struggling to pinpoint their location or get a fix on an intended destination – I’m compelled to stop and give assistance. Occasionally they treat my offer with suspicion but most often they’re keen for help and I’m rewarded with grateful, happy smiles.

That’s why I do it really. When I started, I had a slight sense of Karma – I help this person and someone might help me when I need it – but now it’s just for the fun of it. We have a jolly time, pouring over the maps and laughing about this and that. Then, I set them on their path and I leave.

It pleases me to think my actions might form part of a happy memory when they look back on their visit to sunny Edinburgh.


2 thoughts on “Tourists”

  1. A habit you have passed on to me – in one day during the Festival I gave 3 people directions, and another pair instructions on what bus to take.
    I like doing it!



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