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The Kingdom of Fife

515c6-standrewsI like Fife but sadly, the feeling is not mutual.

Fife wants to kill me.

Or, at least, to hurt me quite badly.

My first visit was as a wee yin. We stayed in a caravan for a fortnight and in that relatively short time I got lost, almost hit by a car, badly burned on the ankle and nearly drowned. I also experienced one of the worst nightmares of my life – so bad I still get palpitations when I think of it.

Years later I set out on a wee cycling holiday through the Kingdom. At the end of day two I became so unwell I fell off my bike and could go no further. We had to phone home and arrange to have me air lifted out! (not really – someone came for us in a car).

I have since returned to Fife a number of times but have been careful to stay no more than 24 hours. Longer than that would be to dice with death!

Fife hates me but don’t let that put you off going. It’s a lovely place and I’m sure you’ll be just fine…


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