What a day!

My goodness what a day i've had! We were extremely short staffed so the day was hectic from the start. Then, at 3pm, one of our members came to seek our assistance. He has a long list of papers which have to be in london on monday – he thought his agents had this in hand. It turns out that the agents firm have decamped, en mass, to las vegas for a concert and the required papers are nowhere in sight!
Queue us shifting into hyperspeed.
We rifled resources far and wide – literally. I considered phoning malaysia at one point but managed to find a helpful lady in the school of oriental and african studies instead. I'm happy to say we located all but one of the required documents and all in under two hours. Job well done if i do say so myself. I find this sort of work deeply satisfying – though i'd soon be dead if it was like this every day.


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