Some of the great moments of my life…

… in no particular order:

Watching a crescent moon rise between the minarets of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Meeting Yosef across a campfire in the desert, Jordan

Waking up on the Paris to Nice train and seeing Provence (the land of my heart) for the first time

After 20 years of waiting, coming face to face with the Emperor’s warriors – Xian, China

Walking down, from the hills and goat paths, along a high walled village lane. An old man’s head appears over one wall. He reaches out, shakes the boughs of his fruit tree and showers me with tiny ripe, sweet, pink and white fruit. I gather some up, thank him and walk on – Naxos, Greece

Waking up and walking under the starry skies and full moon of the desert night in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Shaking hands with the Dali Lama

Performing tai chi with little old ladies in the misty early morning – Tiantan Park, Beijing, China


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