I took this photo in edinburgh yesterday. The maker got a bit carried away in the boob department so they look like snow-hos but they are still beautiful and funny.

We are currently up to our nether regions in ‘extreme weather conditions’. We haven’t had snow like this in years. It’s great. The landscape looks so utterly different.

I was thinking about when i was a nipper, wondering why i’ve never liked winter much. Perhaps i was already suffering from SAD but didn’t know it? I know i never enjoyed snow ball fights and stuff. There would always be some boy who’d go too far, packing his snowballs into hard, stinging ice missiles. Then the whole thing would escalate into a war full of pain and fear.

But then there was the snow. I love the sight of a pristine snow field. I still get huge pleasure from being the one to lay the first tracks in a smooth bed of fluffy white snow. Frog, Tammy and I would set of on arctic expeditions into the uncharted spaces – aka our local woods.

I love this weather.


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