The end of time…

I am bereft. I just watched David Tennant’s finale as The Doctor. Although the episode was not one of Russell T’s best David was, as always, superb. His performance was heart rending and I felt quite weepy for the rest of the evening. I may have been wallowing somewhat because, just to rub salt into my wounds, I also watched the last scenes of Hamlet with David in the title role. Goodnight sweet prince…

This feels like the end of an era. The combination of Russell T Davis’ glorious writing, David’s prodigious talents and the spectacular production from BBC Wales made for 4 years of really stupendous telly. I can’t imagine the new boys being able to compete.

I am a person prone to torrid fantasy, full of imagination and not a little obsession. David Tennant’s Doctor is not the first fictional person I’ve been in love with – and he won’t be the last – but he is the most magnificent. Brilliant, funny, gentle, terrible and so very very beautiful. I’m going to miss him very much.


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