DSC00278Okay. I’m fed up with this now.

I am Scottish. I do not expect to experience the same weather conditions for more than two days in a row. It started snowing about 3 weeks ago and it has never entirely gone away since!

Yes, okay. I admit it’s very pretty but it’s also pretty dull. Each morning I look outside and see the same pristine ice field – the one that used to be my garden. I’ve had enough.

And now it’s turned cold. Really, really cold. Yesterday it was warmer in Vladivostok than in Edinburgh! We’re not used to this. The great thing about the British archipelago is that it’s temperate. Not too hot, not too cold. Not too wet, not too dry. Not too tempestuous, not too volcanic. And nothing particularly wants to kill and devour us here.


If I lived in Canadia or Siberia I would be used to this. I would expect the rivers to freeze and the land to turn white. Probably for months on end. But I do not live in Canadia or Siberia. We have our Gulf Stream to keep us warm and our jet stream to quickly move the weather along. As a people we are world renowned for our obsessive discussing of the weather. This freezing samieness is just not acceptable.


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