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Snow way I’ll get to work on time!

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Sorry.  I’m quite bored. I’ve been on the bus for ages.

Traffic is hardly moving. It took us 20 mins to get from one bus stop to the next! The snow isn’t even deep. I don’t know what’s going on.

I’m may go insane. A phone downstairs wolf whistles whenever it gets a text – which is quite often – and the woman behind me is whining about EVERYTHING… I’ve had to put on my music to drown her out. I don’t like to do this. Everyone is irritated by other people’s tinny tunes but I was very close to screaming. I can’t bear relentless negativity. She is also quite stunningly dull.

I took the photo above on my walk to the bus stop this morning. Isn’t it beautiful? That part of the path reminds me of Narnia when it snows.

We’re moving pretty well at last. I’m almost at the outskirts of Edinburgh. I may only be an hour late for work. That’s not too bad.

I best stop writing now. I don’t want my battery to fail before the Queen of Gripe gets off the bus…


2 thoughts on “Snow way I’ll get to work on time!”

  1. woooooohhh.. I don't think I've ever in my life seen anything like this. I've grown up in the tropics, drought stricken central Queensland bushlands, where it's never snowed before.

    I did live overseas for 6 months once, in a winter, and it did snow, but, it was no where near so picturesque. I remember riding to school in the snow, on a cheap old bike with no tread on the tyres, I kept slipping over on the road and stuff… and when I finally got to school they tried to give me a detention for being late!!!!!! I was so annoyed, I somehow talked the school out of it, I don't know how, but I got out of detention HAHA.

    Ahh old memories, just from a look at your photo. I'm sorta envious, it looks so magical, and yep, totally Narnia.


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