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Like minds

I was at a training course today. We filled in a questionnaire to discern our own 'learning styles'. I, it transpires, am an 'Activist'. We then split up into groups of like minded learners for a bit of discussion.

It was one of the most joyous experiences of my life. A discussion in a group made up of people who think like i do!

We chattered away for a while, loudly and with great animation. We agreed on most things, all chipping in and expanding on what others had said. Flicity noted our various points until she'd filled one page. And then, all at once, we stopped. Job done.

After a few seconds pause the chatter began again but about entirely unrelated topics. I'm still suprised by how enjoyable i found it. There had been no discussion of how the discussion should proceed. No 'what do you think?' or 'do you agree with?'. No requirement to draw, like teeth, the opinions of more reticent group members. Just babble, babble, babble, stop. If only all meetings could be like that.


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