travel tales


My favourite time of the year! Days are longer, the sun is warmer and everything is bursting with joy and life. These are the days when spring shifts, inexorably, towards summer.

These are also the days when I, by longstanding personal tradition, embark on my first journeys of the year. In a few short hours I shall be tucking myself into my bunk on the Caledonia Sleeper and beginning my journey south, to Arles. Assuming, that is, I have managed to get home, pack, find tickets and passport, remember Visacard, catch bus back into town and arrive at Waverley in time to catch said sleeper train…

It’ll be fine.

The pic above shows Arles and was taken on my last visit there. I hope to have a similar pic, of superior quality, within days. It’s a lovely town which I plan to use as the starting point for my ramblings across the Provencal countryside. I haven’t been in France for some years and I can’t wait. I seem to have a little piece of Provence wedged deep into my soul.


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