travel tales

Still in Arles


I spent a little part of this morning on the Camino again. I visited les Alyscamps – as painted by Vincent Van Gogh – and discovered it was once a “necessary stage on the Saint Jacques of Compostelle pilgrimage”! I was aware of a Camino route beginning in Arles but didn’t expect to come across any way-markers here. I saw this first one as I left les Alyscamps and, like the good little peregrina I am, I walked in the direction it pointed. If I hadn’t lost the markers at a crossing I’d probably be following them still and be well on my way to the Spanish border by now.

The weather gods have not been kind to me this trip. Although most of the raining has happened at night the skies have been glowering and grey and I think that’s what caused yesterday’s headache. Currently, the pattering on my tent seems to indicate a downpour. In fact it’s nothing but a drizzle, driven slightly by the wind.

The wind. I wonder if this could be the famous Mistral? It seem’s unlikely that this stiff breeze could drive people mad. I’m certainly a little irritated but madness seems far away at this point. Typical. Not only I’m I suffering bad weather, it isn’t even famous and mythical bad weather. Poop.

I plan to move on tomorrow. It’ll be an early start but that gives me the best chance of making a connection to reach my intended destination. If I miss that connection I’ll be spending tomorrow night in Cavaillion: famous for mellons and used as a base for the filming of ‘Mr Bean’s Holiday‘. I hope I catch that bus.



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