travel tales


I am ensconced in the Hotel du Park in Cavaillon. It has taken about 4 hours but I am dry at last. I really like this hotel. It’s not cheap (by my standards) by I have a tv with CanalCine and BBC World – sweet. The decor is what hooked me. It reminds me of the Hotel o’Tat where Jaffers and I stayed on our visit to the Kingdom of Jordan. This place doesn’t reach the dizzy heights of ugliness and surrealism achieved by Hotel o’Tat – but then, nothing could. Hotel du Park has what I would call ‘Victorian kitch’. There’s stencilling on every surface, murals where e’er you look and little oddments and paintings all about. I love it!

Once the rain stopped this turned out to be a really pretty town with many friendly people and at least one very fine baker. The lady in the tourist office is an absolute gem, going above and beyond to satisfy my touristic needs. Bravo Madame.

I’ll be spending tomorrow exploring the surroundings but today I have done almost nothing. It has been great. I only came outside now because the sun is shining and I fear it may be the last I see of it for a while.

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