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Saint Remy de Provence

I’m back in my tent tonight in a lovely site called Camping Pegomas, just on the edge of Saint Remy. The tall bamboo hedge round my camp (see bellow) is rustling in a most pleasing fashion at the moment.

I’ve visited Saint Remy before so I spent this afternoon wondering the lanes and back roads. Starting at the ancient ruins of Glanum I followed ‘the Footsteps of Van Gogh’. This is a really charming little walk whose information points are illustrated with copies of Vincent’s paintings. As well as being pretty interesting it led me through some peaceful, residential streets I wouldn’t otherwise have seen. Even very close to the main square they managed to feel more remote and rural than they actually were. The odd wheelie-bin aside, it was a most pleasant wander. Especially since the sun was shining. It felt like proper Provence at last.



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