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I’ve signed up to a social networking site!  It makes me feel a little dirty but I have to admit I’m starting to enjoy it.  Semi-Sis had been on at me to sign up, then I learned that some former travel buddies used it and, finally, I’d already had to register for work (honest). One of the Members wanted the screenplay for “My cousin Vinnie’ (for a very good and important reason). After searching various places I decided to contact the screenwriter – as you do.  The only contact details I could find were for his SpaceFace page. So I signed up.

That account has been dormant for some time but last week I decided to have a look. At first it seemed utterly futile and pointless – and it probably is – however, I’m starting to find my way around, finding areas of interest and fascinating people to befriend. Perhaps I’ll give it up again in a week or two. Maybe I’ll reconnect with lost chums from the past. Who knows?  Today, drinking wine in the sun, it’s a fun way to pass the time.


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