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I’ve signed up to a social networking site.  It makes me feel a little dirty but I have to admit i’m starting to enjoy it.  Semi-Sis had been on at me to sign up then I learned that some former travel buddies used it and, finally, I had to register for work (honest).  One of the Members wanted the screenplay for “My cousin Vinnie’ (for a very good and important reason).  After searching various places I decided to contact the screenwriter – as you do.  The only contact details I could find were for his SpaceFace page.  So I signed up.

The page has been dormant for some time but last week I decided to have a look.  At first it seemed utterly futile and pointless.  And it probably is.  However, I’m starting to find my way around.  Finding areas of interest and fascinating people to befriend.  Perhaps I’ll give it up again in a week or two.  Maybe I’ll reconnect with lost chums from the past.  Who know’s?  Today, drinking wine in the sun, it’s a fun way to pass the time.


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