Slow Sunday

This is an image from the iGoogle Tea House theme. I’ve been using this theme for months, perhaps years, and never get bored with it. This is partly because it changes throughout the day but mainly it’s because I find it kind of inspirational.

I love to watch the little fox living his gentle, peaceful life in his secluded, water-side house with its orange grove and perfect view.  The Tea House Fox sleeps under the stars and spends his waking hours either working (picking fruit, washing clothes and fishing), picnicking or in pursuit of his hobbies (astronomy, music and boating). He lives a fairly solitary life but happily receives visitors at all hours of the day and night. I aspire to this harmonious life balance. I need a few more hobbies and a little less solitude in my own life I think. Seclusion is good and beautiful but I embrace it too eagerly.  I need a bit more fresh air and human contact in order to live a truly balanced life.

That said, I plan to spend this Slow Sunday quietly enjoying my own company before returning to work tomorrow.  The theme of the day is A Healthy Pace and, though I may not be conforming to the detail of their suggestions, I believe I’m following the spirit. I’ve just had dental surgery and have been recuperating for some days. I’ll spend today resting, eating good food and gathering myself for a return to the world.

Today the Dalai Lama said:  As human beings, we are all the same, there is no need to build some kind of artificial barrier between us. With this attitude, there is nothing to hide, and no need to say things in a way that is not straightforward. So this gives me a kind of space in my mind, with the result that I do not have to be suspicious of others all the time. And this really gives me inner satisfaction, and inner peace.

It gives me “inner satisfaction, and inner peace” to read his words, these and others, and realise – I’m already there.  I act that way, I think like that, I’m on the path.  Although very much a work in progress, my life is headed in the right direction – the way I want to go.

I didn’t mean to philosophise so much today.  I just wanted to share the Tea House with you and also this Ode to the theme that I found.

Remember:  live simply, do no harm, and drink tea…


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