Yesterday was what I consider to be, the first day of summer. It started out quite rainy but don’t the gardens look pretty!
As Tuesdays go, it was a good one. It was my first day back and began gently, with a morning training course run by my guru Mr DMB. As always his training was top-hole.
I lunched at Maxi’s and had a stupendously tasty veggie enchilada. I was slightly disturbed by the very loud waitress – Maxi’s is a pretty compact place. At one point she hollered ‘”Is everything alright here?” at fairly close quarters but I ignored her since, at that time, I had only a glass of water in front of me. When she repeated her yell, closer still, I turned to find that it was indeed directed at me. I looked at her, at my plate-less table and back at her expectant face. “Well” I began, uncertainly, “I have nothing…but apart from that… I’m fine thanks”. “Good”, she said and left.
After a quiet afternoon I took the bus home. The sun appeared just as we reached my stop. I popped to the Co-op, bought a pizza and found they had a 2for1 offer on ice-cream! Naturally overjoyed by this I babbled nuttily with the girl at the check-out and made her giggle.
I had a lovely walk home in the evening sun I enjoyed some of the best pizza I’ve found outside Venice and a little too much half price ice-cream.
As Tuesdays go, this was a good one.

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