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The sun came up around 4.30am and will set around 10pm. Jodrell Bank Tweeted:

The Sun reaches its most northerly point today at 11:28 Universal Time (12:28 British Summer Time) – Happy Solstice!

It is Litha, the summer solstice, the longest day… and I’ve already been awake for 24 hours. Feeling a little light headed but happy. I’ve been chatting all night with a long lost friend (who works the nightshift).

I had planned to go up north today but I’d rather be here. I may go later in the week but tonight I will cerebrate in my own house.

I just watched a documentary in which the author Henning Mankel talked about creating an imaginary mother to replace the one who had deserted him. On meeting the real woman, he found that he preferred the fiction. I have also fabricated a perfect parent. My father (who abandoned me) had gone to Africa so I fantasised an Indiana Jones-like adventurer, dressed in khaki and complete with wide brimmed hat. Like Mankel I was satisfied and comforted by this image. So much so that I believe it softened the impact last year when I learned my father had died more than a decade before. In my mind my father is as alive as he ever was.

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