I am interested in everything.

Since I was very small I’ve wanted to know who, where, why and what (but rarely when).  A life long lover of the BBC, during my years of Primary school (in the 1970s) I learned far more from Auntie Beeb than from all of my teachers put together. As well as her many factual programmes for children there were the countless nature films and other documentaries.  I sucked up all the knowledge she offered me.  With a tv and a library card I was guarantied a constant, though fairly limited, supply of information.
I began travelling in my mid twenties and found a world full of beauty, adventure and new experiences. I have a long, long list of places to see, ruins to explore and museums to visit. I revere our world and love to be outside camping, cycling, walking.

Then came the Communication Revolution.  More information than I can possibly absorb. 24 hour access.  I constantly learn of new new and exciting people and places.

My dilemma?  To go out to see, do and experience or to stay in reading, watching and learning?

During my 20s there was no dilemma.  I had no ties or responsibilities (and there was no internet to speak of).  I was utterly free and behaved accordingly.  In my early 30s I found a job that I love and, soon after, a house that turned out to be the home I’d been searching the world for.

That, I suppose is the true dilemma: To travel for interest, excitement and experience or to stay here completely, utterly at peace?


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