The Great Wave off Kanagawa, woodblock printing by Japanese artist Hokusai

Over the last few days I’ve been writing haiku (haikus?) on Twitter.  It’s great fun and fits easily within the 140 character restriction.  I admit that the reason I’m doing this, the real reason, is that I know of very few people who use Twitter and none of them regularly.  I signed up at the behest of one who shall remain nameless and he’s been “too busy” to come and chat with me.  I, sadly, have become hooked on the thing.  So, rather than tweet pretty much to myself, I write a little #haiku.

Speaking of Twitter, I came across a link on there to a website called My Word Wizard which aims to help its users “find the right assortment of words to express any sentiment…this is the place to find the appropriate turn of phrase for every occassion [sic]“.  I lofty ideal indeed but I found that it made me a little sad.  Your sister’s getting married, your best friend’s birthday is imminent, you’ve just found the love of your life and she’s moving to Bora Bora – fret not.  There is no need for you to express an original thought or emotion.  No effort is required on your part.  Word Wizard, and its ilk, will do the work for you.

No doubt I’m over reacting.

Not to be entirely negative about this site, it has introduced me to a new and wonderful art form:  GANGSTA LOVE POETRY.  To quote Word Wizard:

“It ain’t easy luvin’ no gangsta. It ain’t easy bein’ a gangsta in luv. Our Gangsta Love Poems show there’s substance beneath that gangsta exterior. Luv poems for gangsta’s help you express all they mean to you in a very gangsta way”

Here are two choice examples of that genre:

Dime Piece
My ma told me to always look for a dime.
I’ve been scratching
And it’s taken some time.
But then pow – I found you
When I was just hanging around.
My mouth fell open
And I lost that frown
You’re my dime piece girl.
And you’re so perfectly tight
Because of you, life’s aight.
Don’t listen to the haters.
Ya know you my boo.
All that trash talking;
They just trying to get to you.
She said she saw-
The word on the street –
Don’t believe it’s a dog just because
It lies near your feet.
Girl, you know only yo boy got your back
I love you wifey
But yo gurl’s all whack. 

Peace.  Out.


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