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Hello Blogosphere.  I have been neglecting you I think.  I’m afraid that I have been dallying somewhat with FB, that painted strumpet.

You may recall that I joined said FB almost against my will.  However, it turns out that it is just bucket loads of fun.  I am making new friends but, better still, reconnecting with long lost old pals too.

FB is what I’ve been waiting for all of my life.  I now have the ability to natter away – almost 24 hours a day, should i wish – and yet never have to meet a human person face to face.   It’s the perfect gift for the anti-social chataholic.  However did i manage without it?

As previously mentioned, I have also been lured into the dark embrace of Twitter.  That has not proved to be quite so enchanting.  Lovely as it is to be able nosey in on the tiniest thoughts and feelings of such luminaries as Jackie Chan, Simon Pegg and (of course) Mr Stephen Fry it has not caught my imagination in the same way as FB or, indeed you, lovely Blogosphere.  The thing is – there’s no point tweeting when you have no followers.  Your words just disappear into the ether never to be read by a living soul.  It’s a might dreary.  Occasionally, when the urge to tweet gets too strong to resist, I write a little haiku.  Which is nice but nothing to compare which the joy I’ve found on FB.

Or, as I said, here.  Lovely, lovely Blogosphere – my first online love.  I have been wicked and neglectful.  I know that.  However, now that the first flush of my FB passion has faded, I can come back to you.

Will you have me?


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