Rickshaws on the High Street

This year I have resolved to take a much more POSITIVE attitude towards the city wide invasions which are the Edinburgh Festivals. They won’t go away just because I growl at them so I may as well make the best of things *determined but ever so slightly insincere smile*.

I got off to a rather weak start today, sneaking out the back way at lunch to avoid the crowds. However, in my defence, I feel this was itself a positive act. I was feeling quite headachy and sick and, if I had subjected myself to the crowds in that state, all my good intentions would have crumbled away.

In keeping with my new POSITIVE attitude I have decided to post ‘Festival Pics of the Day’ on my FB page. Looking at things through my lens may help me see it from a visitors point of view again.

I was going for an ‘unremarkable crowd scene 
with unexpected man on ladder’ shot

I used to love this time of year until I began to work right in the epicentre of it all: the High Street which during this time is packed to bursting with jugglers, folk giving out flyers and thousands and thousands of tourists. All of them just milling about and treating the place like a theme park. It’s impossible to go about your daily business. I have to try to do my job while being buffeted on all sides by…. But no…

I am being POSITIVE now *affix rictus grin*


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