travel tales

Un petit tour du pays

Another gorgeous day today. I took a little bus up to St Lyphard, a town on the edge of le Briere. This is an area of peat bogs intersected by canals. I assume these were hollowed out by centuries of peat cutters. I went on a little boat tour around some of those canals. It was stunningly beautiful. Sadly, i didn’t see much in the way of wild life. Just a heron, two horses and some seagulls.

In the afternoon i had intended to visit the ancient town of Guerande. However, due to a timetable mix up, the bus i expected didn’t arrive. I strongly believe that a bus should either be time tabled or be by reservation only. To publish a time table with a teeny notice about the need for reservation – way at the bottom might i add – smacks of perversity to me…but no matter. I realised my mistake too late to catch the bus back to St nazaire so had to wait two hours for the next one. I caught it as it was heading north to Herbignac – where my honey came from – and extended my tour a little before heading back to camp.

I’ve just finished packing the majority of my stuff – early start tomorrow!

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