travel tales


I am again stuck in an !@?)*# airport waiting for a !@?)*# plane that’s been !@?)@ delayed! How do they get delayed? There’s nothing but sky in their way! And look at what i have for a view. Lovely. At least when a train is delayed you’re unlikely to be locked into the station and forbidden to leave. You can wander free and unfettered until your train arrives. There is often an abundance of free and unfettered air to breath also. Far superior to airports in every way.

The ONLY blessing is that, due to the kind advice of an attendant, i’m not caged at the gate like a veal. Before i was aware of said delay i was heading to the departure gate like a good little traveller. However, he advised me that ‘there’s nothing in there’ so i stayed in the departure lounge instead. It’s still boring but i imagine it’d be fifty times duller in there.

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