Stone Age

“Ever wondered what life was like for people in Holyrood Park during prehistoric times? Who were these hunter gatherers? What did they look like? How did they communicate? How did they survive?” source


11 September 2010, 
Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh
Operated by Historic Scotland’s Ranger Service this guided walk was the first in the organisation’s ‘Historic Holyrood’ series.  This series is planned to run over four consecutive weeks during Scottish Archaeology Month.

Thanks to a fellow megalith-junkie for the link to this event.  I’d likely have missed it otherwise.

It was just glorious!  Our guide (Nathan?) was both lovely and informative.  I wasn’t at all sure what to expect from the walk and when Nathan told us we wouldn’t be seeing any archaeology (because of the very great distance of time) I hoped for nothing more than a sort of pleasant mobile lecture.

How wrong I was!  At strategic points during our ramble a bearded mesolithic huntsman would pop out of the undergrowth to explain hunting techniques, flint knapping or firelighting to us.  Not to mention, the finer points of coracle construction and propulsion!  The inclusion of these practical demonstrations added so much to my knowledge and understanding of the period.  In addition, we were given rare access to an area of protected woodland where we got some idea of how the region might have appeared to our prehistoric ancestors.

So, very great thanks are due to the Nathan, his two mesolithic friends and everyone at Historic Scotland involved in the planning of the day.  I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series!


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