A day which begins with me conducting a tour of my beloved Library is always going to be a good day. If it should end with a bit of bubbly and some laughter? Can a day get any better than that? I think not.

In addition, my semi-traditional Friday macaroni cheese lunch (Friday being macaroni day) was both exceedingly cheesy and fairly al dente – neither occurrence being common in our canteen… at least, not with the macaroni cheese.
This has been a most splendid week – starting with the fabulous prehistoric walk on Saturday and ending today with the jollity described above. I suspect it may have not a little to do with the bright, autumnal weather we’ve had since last weekend. It’s made such a difference after the dismal misery of earlier days. Everyone seems just as upbeat as I feel. All around have been smiles – if not downright giggling. 
Work has been great. Because it’s still ‘vacation’ there hasn’t been a huge amount of serious and important work to be done. This has left me free to spend my time guiltlessly fiddling with the less crucial yet stupendously entertaining little projects I’ve got going on. Such as the wonderful green-scheme I’m involved with. 
I am so, entirely in my element with this. I’ve been able to combine my knowledge of eco-friendliness with my wicked techno-skills and all to the benefit of my Library. I am a happy, fuzzy bunny indeed!
To top it all – it is Friday, the evening is gorgeous and I’ve found a nearby place selling real Bretton cider. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! 
Have a wonderful weekend you lovely Blogosphere you!

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