travel tales

Hong Kong island

Kwun Yam shrine, Repulse Bay

Today I visited Hong Kong island for the first time this trip.  I don’t find it terribly appealing, if I’m honest. All those ridiculously tall buildings crammed together.  It’s just not my cup of cha. Anyway, as soon as I could, I left the urban hell that is Hong Kong Central and took a bus to Repulse Bay in the south of the island.

The bay is really pretty.  There are tall buildings here too but there are much fewer of them and they are considerably smaller than in the north.  Although not beautiful, many of the structures in Repulse Bay are rather striking.  One apartment block was built with a big, square hole in the middle of it.  I have been told that this is because the dragon of the mountain travels this route on his way down to the sea.  If the new building had hindered the dragon’s path it would have brought bad luck on the enterprise. A happy dragon means good luck and prosperity. That, my friends, is corporate Feng Shui.  
On the east side of the bay, sits the Kwun Yam shrine – a bewildering conglomeration of statues and buildings.  Incidentally, to give you some idea of scale in the photo above, look at the little horse in the bottom centre of the picture.  He is about the same size as me, i.e. equivalent in size to a small human person.  That is a jolly big Buddha.

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