Snow day!

I’m snowed in… sort of.

Calvin & Hobbes – Bill Watterson

It started snowing on Friday night and continued all weekend.  This morning I awoke to find the drift outside my door so deep that it came right up over the top of my wellies!  As I trudged out to the bus stop I had to burrow my own little trench through the snowbanks.

On the street, lit by the grey/blue light of early morning, it was all very beautiful and quiet.  There were very few cars – moving slowly and silently – and even fewer people in sight.  As I waited for the bus a woman passed and cried out that no buses were running today.  No buses means I can’t get to work.

I spent the next few hours repeatedly checking the FustBus website but it continued to tell me “West Lothian – No services operating at present”.  It’s now after 11.30am, with no change, so I’ve resigned myself to having a ‘snow day’.

Calvin & Hobbes – Bill Watterson

After phoning my work this morning I put on boots and duffle coat, looked out my extendable walking poles, and tramped out, expedition style, to forage for supplies (bananas, hot chocolate and crisps).

The snowploughs have done a good job of clearing the roads round here, but a side-effect of their work is to push even more snow onto the pavements making them utterly impassable.  Thanks to the poles I managed to make it to the Co-op and back without mishap.

The sun has come out and the snowscape outside my window looks glorious.  I think I’ll make myself a nice cup of hot chocolate and curl up cosy on the sofa.  Snow days rule!


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