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tiny girl

When I was young my clothes used to hang on me like rags on a scarecrow. This was partly because I was shy and wanted to hide my figure but also because, being tiny, standard clothes just didn’t fit. I don’t think it was until my early 20s that ‘petite sizes’ started appearing in shops. I could be wrong about that but I don’t think so…

In our mid to late teens my friend and I used to get our jollies going into posh stores and trying on the ball-gowns. If ever a shop assistant became suspicious we’d have to come up with a reason why the dresses were unsuitable. I can’t remember my chum’s excuses but I was able to blithely say “This is very nice but does it come in a petite size?” without any fear of receiving an affirmative answer.

I have a moss-green jacket, still one of my favourites, which was the first item of clothing to fit me properly since childhood. It was a revelation! The idea that small women have proportionately shorter arms and legs than the average. It seems obvious but apparently no-one in the clothing industry had thought of it before then. You may wonder why I mention this. The reason is that I don’t believe this concept has filtered down to the manufacturers of footwear yet.

I want a new pair of wellies but buying boots is a trial for me. With my proportionately shorter legs I find that my calf often begins where the boot still expects an ankle. This sartorial/anatomical juxtaposition usually results in crushing calf pain and potentially life threatening restriction of blood flow for me. The boots rarely seem to mind.


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