Every day is an adventure…

This morning my bus arrived 10 minutes late then broke down just round the corner. Most unusually, Fustbus not only sent a replacement, it only took about 20 minutes for the new bus to arrive. Quelle surprise! I suppose it’s the weather. They may not have much regard for passengers’ opinions or requirements but it seems even they draw the line at leaving us to die of exposure by the side of the road.

Today was just a minor entry in the journal of my life as a Fustbus commuter. There have been many breakdown incidents, most ending in my walking home or going off to find another bus. More excitingly there was the morning when the the driver lost his way and took us off on a magical mystery tour towards North Berwick.

Another time, just as I was foolishly thinking i might arrive early at my destination, the bus was pulled over for speeding! Another police incident involved my driver being breathalysed due to what must have been a hoax call. This was an unfunny because he was one of the few nice drivers in Fustbus employ. He was most shaken but myself and other passengers checked he was okay and reassured him of our trust in his skills.

On another occasion when the driver got lost, he attempted to turn round using the forecourt of a petrol station. It was a double decker bus. I think the manger was very generous in not calling the police when the bus got wedged under his roof/awning. Especially when it nearly demolished the place as it finally managed to back out again.

I have other such tales of mayhem and destruction but I believe I will end there for now. As I said, every day is an adventure.


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