Most of the snow has gone now.  There are just a few areas of thick ice and some hard packed snow in mounds piled high as a person.  My street looks rather like a moraine, littered with the detritus left by receding glaciers.

I didn’t sleep at all last night. I spent the dark hours employing various techniques to induce sleep – from reading in bed and drinking hot milk to watching gentle movies and soothing documentaries – all to no avail.  This morning I was out before dawn – not as dramatic as it sounds, at this end of the year dawn is about 8am – and off to the bottle bank.

I had a fairly pleasant ramble through a post-glacial landscape lit by a pink-orange sunrise.  I rattled and clinked my way down to the recycling point where I very much enjoyed several minutes of vigorous bottle smashing.  Then light-headed and drunken from lack of sleep I shopped at Asda *gasp*

Thereafter, maddened by consumerism, I spent over an hour in PC World trying to choose an external hard drive (which I totally need).  I eventually settled on the prettiest, littlest, reddest one.  It is very lovely and I am now entirely backed-up.
I am currently battling to stay awake.  I must try to re-set my body clock before returning to work on Wednesday but with luck I’ll have no difficultly getting to sleep tonight… then again, I thought the same thing yesterday.

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