O great Tiw, bitter and vindictive god of Tuesday, you have surpassed yourself!  My day has been most unpleasantly busy and riddled with irritations and ‘technical difficulties’.  New and exciting errors occurred in our systems and, towards the end of the day, a time consuming and yet achingly dull enquiry popped into my inbox.

One of the few high-points in a painful day was a running game of Top 10 Favourite Movies with my colleagues.  My personal list (at this moment in time, entirely non-binding and in fairly random order) is as follows:

source: Humphrey Bogart Estate
Bogie and friends
  1. Casablanca – contrary to some opinions, the BEST film ever made. Every line is quotable, every performance flawless… and there is Humphrey Bogart.
  2. Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Wererabbit – just so wonderfully clever and funny
  3. Hot Fuzz – ditto… plus Simon Pegg and Timothy Dalton
  4. Les Vacances de M. Hulot – a beautiful, gentle French comedy that makes me smile every time
  5. Tremors – funny and scary with snappy dialogue… and in the desert.  How could I not love this film?
  6. Mr Vampire – weird and glorious supernatural Hong Kong comedy
  7. The Thing from another world – my all time favourite paranoid, cold war, 50’s sci-fi – with more snappy dialogue and a monstrous carrot
  8. Thelma & Louise – I haven’t viewed it much lately but I watched it, or at least bits of it, on a weekly basis when I was married…
  9. Project A – the first, and still the best, Jackie Chan film I ever saw
  10. Raising Arizona/O Brother where art thou/the Big Lebowski – I can’t decide on my favourite Coen Bros film so I will cheat and include them all

…but I’m already rethinking my choices. I haven’t included Amelie or Akira or Sanjuro or Rashmon or Krrish or…. Top ten is no good. I need a top 20, at least!


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