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Just the other day I purchased a most tasty roll for my luncheon. As I crunched my way through it in our staff room my colleague, MaryDoll, enquired as to it’s cost. I wasn’t sure since I had purchased an equally tasty apple muffin for afters. I knew it would have cost me £5.50 if I’d chosen to ‘sit in’ so I told her that. MaryDoll was horrified. A conversation on cost versus quality ensued but MaryDoll would not be placated.

The next day, while buying some wholesome broth, I checked with the proprietor how much I had paid for my roll. Although he couldn’t recall exactly he guessed it would be about £4. I reported back to MaryDoll who declared this to be a fair price. Lulled, I made the mistake of remarking that the cost of the muffin had therefore been about £2.50. That set her off again.

I argued that it was good to support local bakers of such skill. MaryDoll was steely. I suggested that the apples in the muffin had been grown by pixies who watered the apple trees with their little pixie tears…but could we be sure the pixies were being paid a fair wage?

It seems there is no pleasing that woman.


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