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Salesman at the door: I don’t seem to have your name here.

Me: Why would you, I’m not one of your customers  *smile*

Salesman: But it usually comes up here (gesturing to the iPad-like device in his hand)

Me: There’s no reason you’d have my name, I’m not your customer  *strained smile*

Salesman: But…

Me: The thing is, I’m not going to give you my name  *rictus grin*

It took me several more attempts to convince the man that I was not in the habit of giving out my personal details to random strangers on my doorstep. The concept seemed utterly alien to him.  Is it any wonder we have such a problem with identity theft when someone doesn’t immediately understand why I’d be reticent to give out such information to some unknown?

Not wishing to imply that I doubted his honesty, I explained that I didn’t like junk-mail and if I gave him my name his company was bound to start sending me things.  All this did was start him on his “but the names usually come up here” spiel again.

A few weeks ago I watched a Channel 4 documentary called Erasing David. It scared the pants off me!  In the middle of the programme I came and logged on in order to strip all the personal info out of my online presence. Contact details, education, even my precise geographical location – all gone. I have become nothing but a vague and amorphous presence upon t’interweb – and now I feel all safe and comfy again.

However, that still doesn’t mean I’m going to give you my name…


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