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Communication breakdown

I may, at last, be nearing the end of this mobile phone fiasco – I hope. Today I finally learned, after two weeks of phone calls, that the phone company (henceforth to be known as ARSE) believe I have somehow taken from them fraudulently.

In the absence of any concrete information from ARSE, I can only assume this is due to the weird transaction – ARS PAY AS YOU GO – that showed up on my bank account last month. ARSE top-up transactions always show as ‘ARSE (AE/PG/02)’ so, after consulting my bank, we decided this must be a fraudulent transaction. The bank cancelled my card, issued a new one and arranged to refund the amount to my account – which probably means that they took it back from ARSE.  It wasn’t until several days later that a ‘bar’ inexplicably appeared on my mobile – I wasn’t even able to call the phone company to find out what was wrong!

Therefore, it seems that ARSE was responsible for creating this whole mess themselves by using a weird transaction code and then entirely failing to communicate the problem to me in a sensible fashion. This ridiculous situation has caused me enormous stress, frustration and inconvenience and has, no doubt, resulted in a very large phone bill.

So, I have paid them the money they claim I owe – by cheque as they demanded (sooooo last century). I have made it clear that I expect them to remove the bar from my mobile number immediately so that I can get my PAC code and leave ARSE as soon as possible… any suggestions on which mobile company I should try next?

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