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Camino buddies

My recent communication impoverishment has made me deeply aware of how much comfort and pleasure I get from the little messages I usually receive throughout the day. Being without my mobile has left me bereft and alone without those silly tweets and texts to brighten my life.

My virtual community – held together by chat and common interests.

A clever chum told me this today:

Not by chance, I think, “to communicate” derives from the latin verb “communico”, that means “to share”, and the word “communio”

I really like his insight into the root of a word which means so much to me.  I am a compulsive communicator and can feel just as close to a person by reading their words as by speaking to them in person.  My virtual friends are as important as any others – and they may actually know me a little better – but I am currently cut off from them for large chunks of my time!

As if that wasn’t traumatic enough, during these last weeks I have been making a foray back into the land of Relationship.  He is a man I’ve known, and been great friends with, for many years but who I’d previously held at a distance.  The pieces of my broken heart were jagged and raw and I valued his friendship too much to risk hurting it (or him).  Now I feel strong enough to take this chance.

It’s very early days but I’ve been quite surprised by my reactions – I feel giddy.  Allowing myself to open up and accept these feelings again has been a revelation.  I have always enjoyed his company but now I so look forward to being with him.  He’s busy with stuff right now so that isn’t as often as I’d like – which is rather thrilling and novel in itself. When we can’t meet up it’s lovely to get some little message but I am currently reduced to the communication level of a 1950s teenager! Slight exaggeration, I know.  We still have email and FB but you know what I mean.  I will stop gushing now.
Best wishes my friends – wherever you are

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