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I like nicknames. Love them in fact. From my earliest days I longed to have a nickname of my own but, with the brief and unhappy exception of “Mouse”, I never did.

I am compelled to give them to others though. Perhaps vicariously I have bestowed the following on friends and loved ones, past and present:

  • Mutley
  • Frog
  • AJ and Ug
  • Shem
  • The Dark Mistress Bun
  • Dolly Biscuit
  • Chucklebutty

There are many others which I shall not bother to list at this time but as you see, it is a compulsion of mine. However, I still ached to have such an endearment for myself.

Then, just recently, I realised I have loads of nicknames. There is not, perhaps, one name that everyone knows me by, but when I think of it, that could never really happen. Few of my friends actually know each other (and likely wouldn’t get on if they did) but they do know me and some of them have been lovely enough to call me by myriad mad names.

I am currently known, in various quarters as:

  • McFeisty
  • FT
  • Ruby
  • Flaggage
  • Condiment
  • The Grand Inquisitor
  • Pipskie

and today, it seems, I may have a been given a new one…


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