travel tales


I am home from my first euro-trip undertaken by private transport. Unlike cars, the thing about trains is, they never get lost…  (snigger)

Poznan, Poland

I have to say, Poland (the parts I saw at least) completely exceeded my expectations: Poznan was gorgeous, the food was spectacular (yay golonka!) and the people I met were friendly and welcoming.  It was also great to be there with Teo (aka the Drumbitch) having heard him talk about the place for so many years  🙂

In Magdeburg (Germany) we found what must be the unfriendliest Italian restaurant in all the world and I was feasted upon by mozzies.  I did, however, get to sleep inside a bona fide work of art so, it wasn’t all bad.

Happily, I didn’t have to kill anyone, there were no land sharks and I only came across the one vampire.  All in all it was a great trip but it is indeed fab to be home again.

Book of the trip:  Be my enemy by Christopher Brookmyre


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